Why GAPS? Why now?

So, now that we have chronicled our experiences with GFCF and SCD in regards to Curly Girl, I want to focus in on why I’ve chosen the GAPS protocol.

How I found GAPS

I am, at the core of my very being, a foodie.  I love food.  More than just eating it, I love looking at pictures of food, and reading recipes, and talking about food.  As my cooking skills have matured, so has my love for food and it’s many uses.  Over the years, as we began to eat healthier, I started reading food blogs.  I mainly read blogs about gluten-free food (to help Curly Girl) and traditional food (Nourishing Traditions style).  Many times there was a crossover between the two and those were usually my favorites.

The term GAPS started showing up on my foodie blogs about 18 months ago.  I looked it up, read the food list, and said, “It’s just like SCD!  I can’t do that!  It’s too restrictive!”  Then I had to give up my foodie blog addiction for awhile while we moved, had a baby and generally had an insane life.  When I came back, GAPS was everywhere!!  And these blogs made it sound… doable.  The idea of changing our eating habits again started to nibble away at the back of my noggin.

Why Now?

In March 2011, just 2 months ago, I attended a seminar at the local health club called “Is Your Stomach Killing You?”  It was presented by a chiropractor, so I wasn’t sure what to expect.  I knew a lot about the gut already, but there is always more to learn.  It was free, so I went.  I did learn a few things, but what it really did was put our diet in the spotlight.  It made me think deeply about the foods we were eating and how that was affecting our health.  The speaker talked extensively about leaky gut and about how the health of the gut controlled the health of the entire body.  He had a checklist/quiz thingy, and if you scored high, you most likely had problems with a leaky gut.  Radio Dad & I both scored quite high, and I could see my children and their issues in the list as well.  I knew I needed to do something.  It was time for some drastic action.

Shortly after that seminar, this post by Health, Home & Happiness showed up on my facebook feed.  I read through it, then I read it to Radio Dad.  We were astonished!  Yes!  That description fits our families, fits us, perfectly!  We are a GAPS family!  That sealed the deal.  I started studying GAPS in earnest.


You may be thinking, Why this diet?  What is so special about this one to make it worth all this trouble?

Well, because it made sense.  As I read the book, Gut and Psychology Syndrome, it just makes perfect sense.  It explains the why’s of our family’s health issues.  Why Curly Girl is the one who ended up with autism.  Why Radio Dad hurts.  Why I struggle with depression.  Why Zanna Banana can’t handle loud noises!  It seems the further I read, the more of our weirdness is explained.  It’s easy to get behind a diet change when you really understand how it works.  The author has done a phenomenal job of explaining things, right down to the molecular level!  I read the book and know making these changes will help.  I KNOW IT!  And that knowledge gives me hope for our future.

One More Thing…

There’s one more detail to explain why GAPS, why now.  I feel like the blog posts and the seminar were placed in my path on purpose, that God was leading me to this change.  I was dead-set against GAPS 18 months ago.  I remembered the frustrations of SCD and I did not want to go there again.  But over and over I was led back to the leaky gut, back to GAPS, back to our need to change.  I really feel that it was orchestrated by the Almighty.

And the timing makes sense.  Five years ago when we tried SCD, I didn’t have the cooking skills, the creativity, the knowledge of food, that I have today.  I couldn’t make it work then because I didn’t know how.  As I have learned new skills, I have been well prepared for GAPS cooking.  Once again, God’s timing is perfect.

Next time, we’ll look at how our family has started to implement GAPS and what results we’ve seen so far.  See ya then!


2 thoughts on “Why GAPS? Why now?

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  2. I found you from Health, Home, Happiness and I’m so excited to read along on your journey. We have health issues and GAPS just made sense for us also. Of course, I’ve been ‘working our way’ toward doing GAPS for 3 years now. 🙂 Some of us just need slower changes then others. I too am becoming a better cook. And it all just makes sense!
    God bless you and your family as you begin this journey.

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