Long time, no post – a 2 year update in a nutshell

Hey everyone!  I’m baaaack!

I started this blog two years ago, fully intending to track our progress with the GAPS diet.  I spent too long trying to write back story, then got caught up in the massive amount of food prep that comes with GAPS.  Thus, the ol’ blog got pushed to the back burner and eventually fell of the stove all together.

For the record, I regret not tracking our GAPS journey.  We saw amazing improvement in everyone!  I lost weight and stopped having problems with inflammation.  My husband had a major decrease in his pain levels, gained energy, and lost a little bit of weight.  CurlyGirl made great strides in communication and focus.  She also stopped getting sick all the time!  My other kiddos also had improvements in anxiety and behavior.  We all enjoyed relatively good health.  It was great.

But, here’s the thing, GAPS really burnt me out.  I got tired of cooking, tired of trying to make the same old foods look appealing, tired of being the “food nazi”.  I’m sick to death of eggs.  I can hardly eat them anymore.  My kids all groan at the word “soup”.  We wanted to eat cake at birthday parties and not let food and food fear control our lives.  In addition, GAPS eating was getting very expensive.  If you haven’t noticed, food costs are on the rise in a big way.  Feeding a family of seven without grains is very expensive, especially when you are on a fixed income with a small budget to work with.

GAPS is not meant to be a permanent diet, just a healing diet to be used for a time.  We decided it was time to try introducing grains, potatoes, and more regular foods back into our diet.  We started with soaked oats and white rice.  Those seemed to be okay so we gradually added more and more back in.

At the moment, we are mostly gluten-free and we eat grains almost every day, some days more than once.  Potatoes are back in regular rotation, as well as sweet potatoes.  Beans of all kinds are back, helping to stretch the food dollars.  Dairy is back in the form of milk kefir, cheese, butter, and sour cream.  (CurlyGirl remains mostly dairy-free, though we do allow some butter and cheese on occasion.)  We eat cake and ice cream at birthday parties and even eat out once in a very great while.  Everyone is very pleased with these new developments.

But going back hasn’t been all sunshine and roses.  There were legitimate reasons that we were on such a restrictive diet, and those things have not completely healed and gone away.  We are feeling the repercussions of our dietary changes.  RadioDad has had more pain again, CurlyGirl has been a little spacey, and I am not doing well at all.  I’ve gained 10+ pounds since we added grains back into our diet, and inflammation has again reared it’s ugly head all over my body.  Most notably, my hands feel swollen and arthritic every morning and I’m once again having pain & swelling in my SI joint.  My moods are up & down.  I frequently feel not just tired, but utterly exhausted, even though I haven’t really done anything to warrant such feelings.  My body doesn’t like the way I’ve been eating.

What we are going to do about all this remains to be seen.  I’ve read a lot of new information in my blog absence.  A lot of it makes sense, but a lot of it conflicts.  It’s difficult to figure out which direction to go.  I’ll try and detail more of that another day.  But I am going to try and keep track of whatever it is I end up doing, partly for my benefit to have a record, and partly as a way to help others through this journey.

Thanks for reading and hope to talk to you again soon!


One thought on “Long time, no post – a 2 year update in a nutshell

  1. Hi Family in a Bubble! Glad to see you back here. I was so encouraged to hear you got some relief with your dietary changes, but am saddened they are not within the realm of existence in your current budget. Hopefully, you will find a solution/compromise along the way. The conflicting research you mention is just more evidence that it’s difficult for lot of people out there. Most importantly, you have to figure what works for you and your family. Your Heavenly Father wants you well and He will provide whatever you need, whether it be physical healing, money, food, etc. Just keep seeking and He will show you the way to go.

    Write again when you can. I’ll be here!

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