French Toast with a side of Guilt

I ended last time describing the no man’s land that we’ve found ourselves in. Stuck between ideologies, we toggle back and forth between “we need to eat Paleo so we can feel better” and “who cares, just get something on the table”.

Since we’ve been throwing caution to the wind and “eating the food”, I decided to make French toast. I haven’t had French toast in over two years. I saw a loaf of cinnamon bread on the day old rack at the grocery store. It was just begging me to buy it and make French toast. The croissants also begged me to buy them and make chicken salad. I think I need to stop having conversations with bread!

Anyway, yesterday I made the most delicious French toast for breakfast. Cooked to crispy tastiness in lots if coconut oil, slathered with butter and covered in real maple syrup, it was like toasty angels dancing on my tongue! That is to say, it was yummy and I enjoyed eating it. I didn’t worry about its nutritional value or what it might do to me. I felt fine after eating it. All is well.

Riiiight. I guess ignorance really is bliss.

A short while later, I stepped on the scale. I don’t weigh myself every day, usually just once or twice a week. It did not have good news. I have now surpassed 15 pounds gained since March 1. I’m also up 2-3 pant sizes. I had to dig jeans out of my craft project bucket to wear yesterday. Why the craft bucket, you ask? Well, they were so ridiculously big a year ago that I was going to make a big tote bag out of them! Isn’t that hilarious?!

Not funny anymore.

It gets better! Radio Dad also had trouble fitting into his jeans and a doctors office scale revealed a new highest weight ever! Years ago, he struggled to put weight on. Now, not so much.

We have a problem. Even the doctor suggested we return to Paleo. I’m guessing there won’t be anymore French toast any time soon.


2 thoughts on “French Toast with a side of Guilt

  1. Enjoying your posts, and learning a lot. For me I am not following anything. I am just trying to cut out processed foods, eat more vegetables and fruit. Eat a little cheese and meat and lots of water….trying to get the family on board almost impossible.

  2. Silly! Don’t you know you weigh yourself first thing in the morning and not AFTER you eat the yummy cinnamon bread turned French toast? Although, I gotta tell ya, if I weren’t so darned afraid of the awful gutache I’d have from it, I’d just about give anything for some of that French toast!

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