Doctor’s Orders

I had an appointment with my doctor this week, just a checkup – no biggie. I told him how I have been so tired and how I’ve been gaining weight (18 pounds now. yikes.) He knows our whole background, including our stint on the GAPS/Paleo diet. Just two weeks ago, he recommended that Radio Dad go back to that style of eating. After hearing my symptoms, he told me the same thing. That’s right, my doctor told me that we need to eat Paleo! Can I get a prescription for that? Do you think my insurance will cover it? I’m totally kidding. 😉

Have I mentioned how much I love our doctor?!

He also told me to supplement with B vitamins. According to him, everyone going gluten free should supplement with B, especially B-12. He may have told us that years back but I completely forgot. I’m going to research ways to get extra B through food, because food is generally the ideal way to get the nutrients you need. But in the meantime, I will probably add a B-complex supplement.

A doctor’s recommendation still doesn’t solve the problem of our food budget. We can’t go back to full Paleo for all 7 of us. Some say that “Paleo is more expensive” is a myth, that it really doesn’t cost much more. That’s baloney. I guess if you are going from the Standard American Diet (SAD) of processed food and many meals out to eat, to the Paleo diet of meat, veggies, and fruits prepared at home, then the Paleo diet and the SAD might be about the same. But we don’t eat like that. We didn’t eat like that even before GAPS. We eat mostly homemade foods. There have always been some convenience foods, but it hasn’t been the majority of our diet for a very long time. For us, Paleo is quite a bit more expensive. There has to be a compromise.

We’re working it out as we go, but the plan looks something like this: Radio Dad and myself will return to Paleo as much as possible. The children will eat more normally, with grains, sugars, dairy, etc. Curly Girl will remain gluten-free and dairy-free (for the most part) with excess sugar discouraged but I’m not going to be the food police either. Any grains prepared at home will be gluten-free and soaked or soured. I will continue to use healthy sweeteners at home: honey, maple syrup, coconut sugar, and fruit. Healthy oils will be the only ones we buy. No canola, soy, or corn oil! I will still make potatoes, though I will likely substitute sweet potatoes or cauliflower for us doing Paleo. I’m going to have to double-cook some meals. I hate to do it, but we can’t keep eating what we are eating now. This family needs parents that are healthy and have energy to care for everyone!

I’m also seriously considering the 21-Day Sugar Detox. I’ve had my eye on it for awhile but haven’t taken the plunge. Would anyone like to do it with me?
The 21-Day Sugar Detox


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